Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stroller-thingy I love

This is our bike trailer and jogging stroller...and after lots of thought I think I can safely say, I love it. I love this stroller. I love everything about it; how it rolls, the color, the features, the accessories, and the safety elements. We bought it last summer and it felt like a complete splurge, an extravagance even. It still feels that way to some extent, but we have used it so much and our kids love it. We have been biking so much this summer and while at first I though I might die...I'm beginning to really enjoy it. I love how we are helping the environment, getting a workout, spending time outdoors.

Remember when you were little and you'd be flying down the street, hair straight back, feeling invincible and totally present in that moment. Your bike was your independence, it was so much more than transportation, it was freedom. I have glimmers of that now, riding with my kids is tow. Biking euphoria.

So in that sense, the stroller-thingy has been my connection with the past, a way to share my amazing childhood memories with my children. Together we are creating new memories together and that is worth its weight in gold.